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KC Yorker Beef Jerky

Awesome Tasting Beef Jerky for a Low Price

My products are available in a wide range of flavors that will wet your appetite.

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A Great Flavor Experience in Every Bite

Matt Umbenhower, Owner

Excite your palate with the savory flavors of products from KC Yorker Beef Jerky. My name is Matt, and I make jerkies and sauces that make for the perfect snack and seasoning.

Mission Statement

I am here to provide customers in the US with all-natural, hand-formed products with minimal preservatives. Everything that I offer is loaded with lots of flavors and is very economical.

My Products

  • Beef Jerky
  • Barbecue Sauces
  • Hot Sauces

My Story

Making Jerkies and Sauces With Incredible Flavors Since 1990

I was born and raised in Kansas, Missouri where I lived for 30 years before moving to New York and staying there for the next 20. I started my business to let those who enjoy beef jerky like myself enjoy many flavors without paying a high price for it.

I started cooking at a very young age when my parents worked lots of overtime. I thought to myself, if I wanted to eat, then I needed to learn to cook.

From the beginning, I knew I had the desire and passion in the kitchen. And as I grew a little older, I got tired of those overpriced beef jerkies that only had a few flavors. So, as a hobby, I made my own beef jerky.

Fast forward to when I established my business in 2014. With my jerky, I personally hand-trim each piece and marinate it with one of the flavors that I have.

Each bag is pre-weighed, and the shelf life is only 4 weeks. Now, many might be thinking about why the shelf life is much lower than the ones in the store or other places. 

The reason for this is that I put very little sodium and preservatives in my product. I rather the individual enjoy the full flavor of the taste rather than put too many chemicals.

I believe in my product and have the passion and love for what I do. I also feel that beef jerky should not hurt your wallet.

As far as my barbecue sauces and hot sauces, they are all made with care. The peppers are fermented for 5-7 days.

My hottest sauce, Matt’s Firehouse, is so hot that I have a warning and disclaimer: If you have heart problems or asthma, you should be advised that it has extreme heat and has over 6 million Scoville units.

I hope that you enjoy my product, and I will be looking forward to your testimonials and you as a repeat customer!

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